EAWS (English)


Why attend this course?

EAWS is a biomechanical load assessment system; it provides a semaphore scale score (green = low risk; yellow = medium risk, recommended improvement actions; red = high risk, mandatory improvement actions) per workstation. The assessment can be carried out both at existing workplaces and at the design stage.

The course is aimed at specialists who, in manufacturing companies, deal with Ergonomic Analysis, Biomechanical Risk Mapping, New Product and Process Development or who follow in production the phases of optimization of production processes.


Learned skills

At the end of the EAWS course, the participant will be able to:

  • Correctly assess the biomechanical load
  • Identifying ergonomic risks
  • Properly design workstations


The EAWS course provides the tools to correctly assess the biomechanical load resulting from body postures, forces, transported loads and high frequency actions. Every day includes an exercise:

  • EAWS Basic structure and principles, EAWS evaluation - Section 1: Postures
  • Section 2: Force actions
  • Section 3: Load handling
  • Section 4: Repetitive actions of the upper limbs
  • The Ergo-MTM model


Exam and qualification

The in-depth knowledge of the EAWS system is an essential prerequisite for its application and is mandatory in the training of MTM Instructors.

The course ends with an exam that lasts 4 hours and consists of a theoretical part and a practical part of analysis of a movie.

Attendees who successfully pass the final exam of the course will receive the certificate EAWS, internationally recognized.


Previous training

There are no mandatory priority, but the previous course recommended is M03 MTM-UAS


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ISO Technical Report 23076 now published!

A milestone in the roadmap of the ergonomic research applied to industrial cyclical work.

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