ISO Technical Report 23076

Ergonomics — Recovery model for cyclical industrial work

After 5 years of work and determination, the ISO Technical Report 23076 has been finally published.

This important document represents a milestone in the roadmap of the ergonomic research applied to industrial cyclical work, with a specific scope: any cyclical human work planned and executed in an industrial competitive environment. The most typical cases are within industries where there is the need to define an expected output (products or services) based on the optimization of the trade-off between labour productivity and health and safety

In fact, it:

- establishes an ergonomic model and covers the process of measuring work based on the concept of normal work performance and of the assessment of risk factors commonly associated with body postures, body or hand forces, manual material handling of loads and handling low loads at high frequency.

- applies to the adult working population and is intended to give reasonable protection for nearly all healthy adults. Those areas concerning health risks and control measures are mainly based on experimental studies regarding musculoskeletal loading, discomfort or pain and endurance or fatigue related to work organization and methods.

Special thanks for their fundamental contribution to:

  • Francesco Saverio Violante, Professore ordinario di medicina del lavoro, Università di Bologna
  • Maria Pia Cavatorta, Professore Associato, Dipartimento Ingegneria Meccanica e Aerospaziale, Politecnico di Torino
  • Ivan Lavatelli, Direttore OPEX e SCM, PwC Advisory SpA
  • Fabrizio Caruso, Manager, PwC Advisory SpA
  • Peter Kuhlang, CEO, MTM ASSOCIATION e.V.
  • Andrea Tassinari, Head of Work Analysis and Industrial Control, Leonardo Corporate
  • Simone Cencetti, Global Environment, Health&Safety Coordination and EMEA EHS Director, Stellantis
  • Stefania Spada, Responsabile Centrale Ergonomia, Stellantis
  • Karlheinz Schaub, Responsabile Ergonomia di Produzione, Darmstadt University of Technology
  • Gianluca Ficco, Coordinatore Nazionale, UILM (elettrodomestici e automotive)
  • Ferdinando Uliano, Segretario Nazionale, FIM CISL
  • Diodato Pirone, giornalista, Il Messaggero

Download here the ISO Technical Report 23076


ISO Technical Report 23076 now published!

A milestone in the roadmap of the ergonomic research applied to industrial cyclical work.

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