In memoriam Eng. Heinrich Gehart

The news of the passing of our dear colleague and world-renowned MTM expert has personally shattered us and filled us with deep sadness.

Heinrich has lived and worked with enthusiasm for MTM and he has passed his passion on to quite a few people in an exemplary manner as a teacher and mentor. His professional lifetime achievement for MTM manifests itself on the one hand in his responsibility in the development of the MTM systems MTM-MEK and MTM-UAS as well as in their successful anchoring in industrial applications. 

On the other hand, he was a visionary and pioneer in the development of MTM software! AZBES, ANAZEBA-DATA, TiCon are sounding names of those software tools which are inseparably connected with Heinrich Gehart. Heinrich Gehart also successfully contributed to the worldwide dissemination of MTM over decades. As president of the Austrian MTM Association, he was a recognized expert in the IMD (International MTM Directorate), a balancing member and a welcome guest.

The course set towards the foundation of the One-MTM Network would not have been possible without his influence and support.

Heinrich's enthusiasm, passion and spirit will always be in our hearts and will guide us to keep on developing our fantastic community of MTM lovers and experts.

You have been a true friend, you served as a role-model and advisor for us and we will never forget you and your fantastic smile!

Buon viaggio e arrivederci, caro Heinrich!

Servus Heinz!

Rest in Peace.

Gabriele Caragnano, Peter Kuhlang

Varese and Hamburg, April 16, 2021


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