In memoriam Dr. Karlheinz Schaub

Thank you Karlheinz for your support to the MTM community!

The news of the passing of our dear colleague and world-renowned ergonomic expert has personally shattered us and filled us with deep sadness. Karlheinz’s enthusiastic contribution to the development and research in the field of ergonomics and human factors guided us in an exemplary manner as a teacher and mentor. Through his work, essential fundaments for the biomechanical assessment of human work were laid in over 40 years, providing our community of MTM researchers with innovative findings, thus driving us to develop EAWS (Ergonomic Assessment Worksheet), the global ergonomic standard for safe human work design.

Karlheinz’s passion and spirit will always be in our hearts and will guide us to keep on developing our inspirational vision of a safe and productive manufacturing. You have been an excellent colleague and friend, you served as a role-model and advisor for us and we will never forget you and your smile!

Buon viaggio e arrivederci Karlheinz! Tschüss Karlheinz!

Gabriele Caragnano and Peter Kuhlang


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