EIS 2022 - Digital Ergonomics in Manufacturing, 19th October 2022

A meeting point for researchers from European universities and users and experts from manufacturing to promote the exchange of experiences and views. An international symposium to share valuable information on the open challenges in academic research and on the latest industrial applications in the field of new digital technologies to boost workers’ health and ergonomic and efficient work systems design. A broad array of talks covering diverse topics, leading through wearable sensors and digital tools for ergonomics simulations, motion analysis and automatic risk assessment on workplaces, data capturing, management and utilization, exoskeletons.

Doing what has been said is essential for one's credibility.

In industry, the concept could translate into the ability to achieve productivity targets which have been set at the stage of product and process design. Nowadays, productivity targets cannot exclude the biomechanical load component: just as it is necessary to define the standard times of a manual task, it is absolutely important to predict the biomechanical load demand generated by the planned work content and its frequency of execution (takt time).

The key to success lies in designing an effective and ergonomic work process (Method) and in combining it with the best human resource (with the right skills and the correct anthropometric and biomechanical characteristics). Once again, it is a question of bringing together demand (of biomechanical energy) and supply (of performance).

In the III edition of the EIS22 titled “How digital technology is impacting Ergonomics, from work design to risk mapping” we will address the issues of the application of the most modern digital technologies from product / production process design to the daily management of factory work efficiency, giving particular emphasis to the ergonomic aspects and risk mapping due to biomechanical overload.

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  1. Listen to academic and industrial experts, who will share the results of their recent research and talk about the application of digital technologies in the best practices of their companies
  2. Understand the connection of scientific management of work and ergonomics with the ESG programs (social sustainability) 
  3. Book a meeting with them to discuss your specific needs and unveil world class opportunities

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4.00 pm How we deal with Social sustainability (ESG)

Gabriele Caragnano, Partner PwC and Operations Dir., Fondazione Ergo and Peter Kuhlang, CEO, MTM ASSOCIATION e. V

4.05 pm EAWS software Certification to Taktiq AssemblySuite

Simon Altemeier, CEO, TAKTIQ GmbH & Co. KG

Opening Talks: new challenges

4.10 pm Exoskeletons certification: why and how?

Francesco Saverio Violante, Full Professor of Occupational Medicine,, Università di Bologna

4.20 pm Open challenges and research for automatic assessment of the biomechanical workload

Maria Pia Cavatorta, Associate Professor, Politecnico di Torino

Inspiring Ergo Talks

4.35 pm Possibilities and limitations of motion analysis technologies in ergonomic assessments

Christian Maiwald, Professor, Chemnitz University of Technology

4.50 pm Data Utilisation: Using Real-Time Feedback of Motion Capture Data in Industry

Christopher Brandl, Head of Department Ergonomics and HumanMachine-Systems, RWTH Aachen University

5.05 pm Productivity Management Platform: an integrated process to manage productivity and ergonomics from planning to execution

Carlo Rubano, Senior Manager Operations, PwC Business Services Italy

Round Table 

5.20 pm From work design to ergonomic risk mapping

Jacqueline Gaspar, Ergonomic Expert, Volkswagen Palmela - Ming-Lun Lu, Ergonomist and researcher, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) - Manuel Rossi, Industrial Director, Whirlpool EMEA. Moderator: Gabriele Caragnano, PwC & Fondazione Ergo


5.50 pm Q&A and closing


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