EAWS International Symposium - EXO-Ergo 2020, 25th November 2020

Fondazione Ergo, with the full support of EAWS Platform and One-MTM Network, together we organized the first edition of the annual EAWS International Symposium, developed to discuss open challenges in industrial ergonomics and innovation in workplace design.

In this first edition, entitled EXO-Ergo 2020, international speakers from academia, institutions, industries and research centres discussed about “The future of exoskeleton in the manufacturing industry”.

Built from the exchange of experiences and views, researchers and users from all around the world presented the state-of-the-art of industrial exoskeleton studies in ergonomic risk management and industrial engineering.

The symposium encompassed discussions on the adoption of exoskeletons in terms of existing standards, safety regulations, effectiveness and acceptance.

The EXO-Ergo 2020 Talks!

1. EXO-Ergo Talks introduced the state of the art of type, field of application, certification and workplace risk assessment of industrial exoskeleton. EAWS International Platform will chair a special session on the ESO-EAWS project.

2. Experience Talks, with the contribution by 3 global automotive makers being Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Volkswagen and General Motors, were very relevant to get a comprehensive picture of the current scenario and future expectations.

3. Sciences and Standards Talks were focused on research activities and standard projects.


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